Pricemans is a multinational company dedicated to the wholesale and retail of consumer goods. The company was formed by merging a number of smaller distributors and retailers around the world. All the experiences and resources that smaller companies have gained over the years have been transferred and combined into a large system that today has the capacity and human resources to meet the highest standards in terms of trade with business partners, manufacturers, distributors, and other institutions and also end-users of our services and our goods.

The Company operates on several continents and has the infrastructure necessary for the smooth and quality performance of business operations.

Pricemans organizational chart

Pricemans shoes is a business branch of Pricemans, specializing in the sale, distribution and storage of quality shoes from various manufacturers of more or less well-known brands.

This website is part of a sales group of goods distributed and sold by Pricemans and our WWW Operations function as part of business activities related to the trade of products from the shoe industry and products related to that industry.